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Our Services

Through world class science and innovative crop solutions "Sungro" is working to transform how crops are grown better, how our farmers maximize the yield, how we safe our crops from weeds, insects and grow healthy crops.

Crop Protection

Sungro provides crop protection services and ensure safety of crops from pest, disease and weeds.

Farmer Awareness

Our technical field team working on daily basis on farmer awareness through farmer meetings, high profile farmer meetings, farmers gathering and different types of farmer seminars.

New Technology

We are continuous working on incorporation of new technologies in our services portfolio to serve farmers in a revolutionary way.

Technical Field Support

Sungro technical field team visit farmers fields on daily basis, guide on the current issues for the safety of crops and getting maximum yields.

Business Opportunities

Sungro established a systematic franchise network "Tahaffuz" which provide business opportunities nationwide, individuals who are interested can become our franchisee and start there own business.

Training & Development

Sungro working on training & development of farmers as well as our franchise business partners for the implementation of best agriculture practices.